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Life sends us tests that attitude can over come
Yes health can be a factor, far worse for some
Then there is romance, to add to the pot
Love is important, but first join all the dots

Someone you can rely upon, at anytime
Sadly we never know, when life is fine
Time is the answer, there is no race
Spending time together, a foundation base

Devotion comes in many, shapes and forms
For some it is a birth right, gifted when born
Others find their true love, a soul mate too
It's what many search for, and can come true

Yet whatever the journey, to do your very best
Some are not keepers, compare as a guest
Also with health problems, they come and go
Supported with friends, is better than a foe

Select those around you, with the best of care
When you need a friend, real ones will share
Highs and lows, will be eased you'll see
Finding special people, caring is the key

To learn from life's hic-cups, a bonus of sorts
Means silver linings are a gift, isn't bought
I was lucky, finding special people that cared
Time they gave freely, and happily shared.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 23

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Comments (12)

gnj4uonline today!
Hi, niah9,
Select those around you, with the best of care...
Finding special people, caring is the key

True friends are a rare gift...those important enough that one is there for them when they need you—and vice versa. Thanks for sharing.
salamunaonline today!
Hi Kathy. Totally agree with gnj ."Someone you can rely upon, at anytime
Sadly we never know, when life is fine
Time is the answer, there is no race"
Stay safe. Lily wave
niah9online now!
Thank you Joy...gnj4u for reading and leaving a comment.....Kathy
southmiami4321online today!
Very true words on display here Niah. Life tests us in so many ways, we have to be careful the path we take. Thanks for sharing this thoughtful poem. SMwave
niah9online now!
Thank you Lily for your comment.....and you stay safe too...Kathy wave wave
niah9online now!
Yes southmiami.....yes I sometimes think the tests can be overcome with attitude.
Thank you for reading and leaving a comment, appreciated.....Kathy
Dear niah,

Will we pass or will we fail life's tests ... hmmm Either way, hopefully there is a lesson learned within these tests.

I enjoyed your heartfelt prose. Thank you flower
niah9online now!
Yes Redheadedtaurus.......learning means we gain experience.... every test we hopefully learn from as we age....and don't repeat mistakes.......thanks for reading and leaving a comment. Kathy NZdancing
Life is Truly a Test .. thanks for this..
niah9online now!
Thank you Brighterdayz......for reading and leaving a comment....appreciated......Kathy NZwave wave wave wave
Ok ?????
niah9online now!
tabakku...thank you for reading and leaving your comment...Kathy NZwave wave
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