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by niah9Auckland, New ZealandAug 250 comments


Different people encountered in life
Maybe a husband, for a man a wife
Most we meet, will just pass time
Minutes spent, no reason to pine

Some leave impressions, powerful-strong
Memories making you happy, can't move on
Forgetting moments, can become hard
Caution makes you wary, puts you on guard

Innocent with youth, mature wisdom is learnt
Casual friendships easier, emotions not burnt
Time and commitment, changes ones emotion
Changes occur, mixed with loving potions

Special people, you miss though rarely see
No doubts about friendship, friendship a key
Memories recalled, reminder of those times
Shared happiness and laughter, joyous and fine

Time bring changes, only memories remain
When remembered, shed tears like rain
Special moments, yours to keep safe
Bring smiles not sadness, light up a face.

Accepting strangers, new friends in time
To be negative cripples, looking for bad signs
In life you get hurt, that's what living's about
Rather than constantly asking, about unfounded doubts......
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 25
About this poem:
emotional baggage/ trust

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