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by jaysone1Cape Town, Western Cape, South AfricaAug 265 comments



What’s In your mind
I need to know

Get out of mine

Do you feel the same
Hope so, don’t think so

Smiling and laughing on face book

Why so much to me
Why so one sided

The age the stature
The looks
The body
My performance

Phantom phone and text
In my mind it excites

Back to reality
Never coming back

Phone deadly silent
I need
Wait for days

I don’t need

I’m still waiting
Please come back

Where are you
My reflection

No end in sight
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 26
About this poem:
feeling this way, today. Forever.

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Comments (5)

Sometimes writing things down, even in poetry form, allows us to see the way forward more clearly......Kathy NZhug
this is one of the reasons.

I need this feeling out of me already.

Abby1963online today!
The feeling will go away in time . Maybe your still mourning hug:
hugs, kisses
the smells.
the touch.

too much, i think
I think of the song Cars by Gary Numan, he was trying to be a robot in that song, I've found myself trying to be robotic so those feelings don't happen.daydream happy place
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