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FargoFanonline today!
by FargoFansydney, New South Wales, AustraliaAug 306 comments


I am thinking of her sitting on a bleak beach,
a wintry day grey sky
and sighing waves
an inland sea.
She comes here summer and winter she says
sits on the sand
arms wrapped round her knees
looking now at the feet the sand her toes
wiggles one the left one giggles once.
I sat then in the harsh sun squinting reading,
oh reading 'Being and Nothingness'
true! it's true
or Alexandria Quartet
its true its true by Manly beach
I lay and squinting sweating read them
and hearing the waves not sighing crashing

Now she thinks of lavender and I of jacaranda.
So for her chin on knees
here now is Margaret Preston

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Posted: Aug 30
About this poem:
An online chat perhaps 7 years ago with a fellow online teacher, she Russian, but teaching in Holland. I used to mark her English articles and in one she wrote of childhood by the Black Sea

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Interesting contrasts, do I sense something unfulfilled? Never read Satre, perhaps I should..
FargoFanonline today!
Her beach is the Black sea, and mine the Pacific Ocean (or more correctly the Tasman Sea). No, nothing unfulfilled, but I came across it where I had written in a blog some 7 years ago. It must have been Jacaranda time, October or November, late autumn in her region of Southern Russia - and it occurred to me to renew the acquaintance. I did read Sartre Durrell Beauvoir Huxley Camus Kafka Kerouac on the beach back in those days before the Vietnam conscription.
lovecanberealonline today!
Welcome to the Poet's (Poets'?) Corner. You may find it rather more genteel, than the Blogs Section....
FargoFanonline today!
@lcbr distinctly likely
Hi, FargoFan,
Though a bleak beach and grey-sky wintry day, I love the shoreline feel of contentment captured in
arms wrapped round her knees
looking now at the feet the sand her toes
wiggles one the left one giggles once

...A memory that waves not sighing crashing into the two worlds of lavender and...jacaranda. Thanks for sharing this wistful write—and for introducing me to the “fuschia” of Margaret Pearson.
FargoFanonline today!
@gnj no Jacarandas for you there in Mass, but they are plentiful in California, and flower there in the upside down late spring.
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