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I saw the Cubs playing baseball against the Pirates
No fans were present
The Cubs are one of the most popular teams with good attendance in 2019
Good attendance all the other years too
I went there in 2000 to see Sammy Sosa play
It is surrounded by houses
It has a nice family feel to it
With the ivy just coming in when I went there in May
Now it looks like all sports are going to be fanless
The Packers are playing next week in Minneapolis against the Vikings
There is no decision as of yet, but likely will have no fans
No horns, no purple, no beer, no hotdogs, and no cheering
I went to 11 games at Green Bay since 2006
It is an experience
It is fun
And it will be sadly missed by many who enjoy sports
Weather it's baseball or football
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 4
About this poem:
I was going to go to a brewers game this year.

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Oceanzestonline today!
same happening here, the magics gone huhuh oh
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