first song

{Every single day I wake feeling low and down
Somethings telling me, the way it needs to be
With no faith in love and lust, she came into my life
She liked me as I am and accepted all my flaws
I gave it all to you made you special number one
Now I’m stuck between two worlds, one where you still here
Back in my own time this feeling cant unwind too near}

{Have you ever in your heart, seen a light so bright its clear
Feeling colors seeing it load, this connection brings to tear
I knew you were the one, you told me not to fear
I believed you when you said, always I will love you feel it here}

{Knowing is the key, I can see how they treat me
I’m never the one able, to be what she needs of me
This enables them giving to rite easy into leaving flight
You promised when to me, he was a distant memory}

{On that happy day you ask me could you go
After making love all day I wanted you to say
On that happy day I should have held you tight in sight
On that happy day I gave you your own way
On that happy day it echoes make you stay}
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2020
About this poem:
i tried to write a song, now i need someone to sing it

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What's the tune? Did you write the music too?
wish i could write music but it would probably a sad note maybe a A, i dont know is that rite.

I can make beats and electronic music on my computer

if anyone and sing it i would love to hear how it sounds
It depends what kind of beat or rhythm you'd like? What kind of melody?
Something sad, melancholic, cheerful?

A ballad? A pop song?

For me, if I were to write a song, I would need to find a melody on the piano first, then the words will come along.

Or..maybe on the guitar it would be easier?
you sound like a pro,

i like tunes that are upbeat but has a sad vocal with melodic synths long breaks.

good build ups. to mixed feelings of joy and heartache

good baseline aswell cheers
Then why don't you try finding a tune with your electronic music?

I'm not a pro! laugh
I like improvising and playing by ear...when I'm inspired.

For your song, I would need to sit with you as I would find it difficult on my own. Then I could sing it when I know how.
sounds like a good plan

I have a beat in mind, need to get it out of my mind onto the pc

head banger
Then you should do it and try to download it here on an audio or YouTube?
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