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Bound Hands

Hands bound above your head,
Eyes cloaked in my delicate darkness.

Tonight will be a beautiful pleasure
Mixed with sweet pain
As you surrender
Giving into your master

Tonight your heart will beat in my rhythm 
I’ll choose the pictures you will hear,
And with precise accuracy as I pleasure you 
My sweet sincerity you will deeply feel 

I will keep and cherish all of you 
In this world of selfish duplicity
Your essence of honesty and passion
Is why proud I am to be your master

Discover I will all the ways to pleasure you
Be that with my lips, my hands or with a whip
Not one strike will be without your pleasure
Not one thrust will be in selfishness

You and I together will explore
All the pleasure erotic world can offer
Sharing cute girls and guys we will
Having them play with us until we make them c*m

Yet ultimate delight will be
When deep into you I'll slide
A rhythm of passion we'll find
Taking us to peaks of sweet release

You and I in a sensual embrace, 
Our nectars creating a sweet cocktail of lust
Which only comes when kindred spirits climax
Together in passion as one.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 27
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Comments (3)

Welp ... there is definitely a D/s vibe happening within your poem.

Naughty ...

Erotic ...

Promising ...

I quite like it.

Thank youwine
The way you present lovers passion is not my way but your poem has a sweet side and tenderness in your words.
In real love, nobody is a Master. It is the body and soul of two that mingle together to exhaust their passions. SM
Oceanzestonline today!
I'm going to have to complain about this, there is no images cool
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