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South Wall Blues............

I’m just sitting here
Waiting for the tide
Knocked off early
No place I’d rather hide
There’s a howling easterly
Whitecaps everywhere
But it’s very soothing
So I thought I’d share
I’m perched on driftwood
Ten feet long
Surrounded by a forest
That doesn’t belong
Coal ships sit
Thirty miles out
All in a line
Waiting for a shout
There’s people riding
And walking along
The harbour wall
It attracts a throng
The sea is
A deep blue green
And far too the south
The coal terminal can be seen
Kite surfers enjoy
All that they can
Billowing coloured sails
All part of the plan
There’s a race happening
Along the beach
As the dad chases
Kids out of reach
Lifesavers are packing up
It’s time call it a day
As the ink just falls
From my pen today
I’ll just sit
For a little longer
Enjoy what’s left
To make me stronger
Drink this beautiful
Part of the world in
To soothe the soul
And polish my grin .......
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2020
About this poem:
It’s very rare I come here ........

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Comments (14)

southmiami4321online today!
It seems I am right next to you on that driftwood, watching all the scenery, hearing the moving waves, catching the human life all around. Enjoyed this write Nuwah, beautiful descriptions in your poem, made my day. Thanks for sharingwave
godsprincessonline today!
Beautiful descriptive write Nu - thanks for sharing your solitude moment!

Kathy wave
salamunaonline today!
beautiful blues Nu. must a special place...enjoyed reading your poem, Lily wave
Glad I could share this experience with you and you could feel the simplicity of this write ...... appreciate you stopping by .....Regards Nu grin
Hi Kathy ..... Thanks for your lovely thoughts ...... it was so calming I didn’t move for almost an hour ......... Regards Nu grin
Hi Lily ......... It is a very beautiful place here ....... you have amazing coastline dotted with islands and then you have the rural aspect with the ranges to the west and it is still relatively small in population although I do believe that is changing quickly ......... Thanks for the kind words .....Regards Nu grin
Oceanzestonline today!
There's a howling Easterly, there's coal ships that want to bring material to pollute the planet, and there is some predator chasing kids down the beach, Nu are you sure you are enjoying yourself? rolling on the floor laughing
Hi, Nuwahri61,
There’s a howling easterly
Whitecaps everywhere
But it’s very soothing

Even when tumultuous, nature can have the power to distract and soothe. Thanks for sharing your reflections on your South Wall Blues............
Hi Oceanzest
Yeah mate just chillin so pretty unfazed by it all ....... anytime near the ocean is better than work unless your working on it ..... Regards Nu grin
Hi Joy
Totally agree ....... mesmerising to say the least....... Thanks for stopping by .......Regards Nu grin
Hi Nu! Awesome poem as always! My husband use to share this moments with me...he's been too busy at work and he now goes to the beach to escape coming home so he doesn't have to spend more time with me, it's just my hunch! conversing laugh

Amazing is the word for this poem Nu! What a beautiful and special and private moment you had there; shared to your poet friends...I am glad I had a peek here or I would have never known.

@SALAMUNA It is a very beautiful place here indeed (if you like the heat)....... Mr Nu is trying very hard to show you the "amazing coastline dotted with islands and then you have the rural aspect with the ranges to the West and it is still relatively small in population although I believe that is changing quickly" and yes, Thanks for your KIND WORDS... Poet Nu seems always aware how KIND you're words are in all your comments (honestly, I often have to re-read the other comments because they read and sound just as kind to me doh) One day I might understand but at the moment I really don't.

@SouthM: Our connection was only brief; I respect you! You seem to care about how people feel! Thank you for always supporting my husband's poetry!

@Joy...thank you Joy for always supporting my husband's poetry. It sure is always a pleasure to see and read comments from poets I know when I drop by. I only see Rob and Morgen now and then from all the poets we use to know in the old days.

@Kathy (US), likewise Kathy; always lovely to read your comments and see how you are supporting my husband's poetry in here. And I will always be grateful for being kind to me :-) God bless; stay safe angel

@Oceanzest: Thanks for supporting Nu's poetry; missing NZ like hell mate! And being made to feel you're out of placed while you are feeling stuck doesn't help. crying

By the way Nu didn't mention as he can't see it from the wall; but there is actually a bridge on the way there and at sunrise or sundown it gives the most amazing view! I might end up there if this wind doesn't blow away! sad flower
I sooooo enjoyed reading this very descriptive delightful poem, you took me on a relaxing enjoyable little journey and it was a tonic for my soul.
Thanks for sharing it with us all..continue to enjoy your surroundings and stay well wave applause
Hello Dear
I think you set the cat amongst the pidgeons there need for concern tho all above board ....... he he love Nu grin
Hi Happy
Thanks for stopping by ....... much appreciated ......Regards Nu grin
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