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A Different World ..........

Theres no shame in being yourself
Be it colour shape humour or size
It’s how people perceive what is worthy
In the deceit of their eyes
For everyone is born equal
Be it race colour or creed
No matter what pervades
Their thoughts should be freed
Every person born should speak
And say what clears their mind
So they may flourish uniquely
And live a life kind
Where acceptance of things different
Is but second thought
And friendships nurtured honestly
Should never be bought
Where love blossoms like a rose
With its thorns close by
But once respected and understood
Can carefully be admired .......
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2020
About this poem:
So many people have so many unique qualities ....... if only the ignorant opened their eyes

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Comments (10)

southmiami4321online today!
This is certainly a beautiful poem of human nature given with love...Enjoyed it very much Nuwahteddybear
Excellent poem...rose
godsprincessonline today!
Very true and wise words Nu. Thanks for sharing.

Kathy typing
Hi SM ....... Thanks for your thoughts much appreciated ........ Regards Nu grin
Hi Sunset ....... Nice to meet you here .......thanks for stopping by ...... Regards Nu grin
Hi Kathy ........ Your welcome ....appreciate your thoughts ..... regards Nu grin
Great poem.

Thx for sharing.
thumbs up peace
salamunaonline today!
wise thoughts Nu.. enjoyed the read. thanks you. Re. Lily wave
Hi 4u1mxit....... nice to meet you here ...... thanks for the comments ......Regards Nu grin
Thanks Lily .........Much appreciated ..... Regards Nu grin
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