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Pitch Dark After Supper

When its pitch dark after supper
And you find yourself wanderin’ home
You know you should just keep going
But you don’t always want to be alone
That’s just the right reason I guess
To help us all understand
A special moment to gather
And stand tall among each other
This special bond of patriotism
Never gathered never learned
Still just as important as ever
A lifestyle we were born
I love the ways the stars appear
Each and every night
If I could just paint better
Than I could describe whatever
I would behold something beautiful
As only life we can give to each other
One life one world one generation
We cannot behold to time
What belongs to us
What we wake up with every morning
What is betrayal as sins against us
What we endear to learn foreboding
What we encounter every day
What we have courage to defend
To engage and construct a step forward
We must never disengage each other
Togetherness makes us strong
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 22
About this poem:
There has never been a greater need for the world to come together to face down our problems.

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Comments (5)

I like this and the way it's written, even if it's political! laugh
niah9online today!
The motto I saw daily when I first left school and started work for a London co-op. United we stand, devided we fall........great write Yankee...thought provoking....Kathy NZwave
godsprincessonline today!
We are all ONE WORLD UNDER GOD! People need to remember this. Good write Chris.

Kathy jackolantern
Hi Chris
I hope you are well
Thanks for sharing this beautiful thought provoking and comforting poem which is a great reminder of what is important, of real value in life, things we may at times take for granted like the nature that surrounds us, family, friends and a sense of belonging, feeling valued and being able to be part of a caring community, to give as well as to receive the blessings that unity can bring

Take care dear man

wave hug
Hi, Yankee4you,
When its pitch dark after supper... Since it's dark before supper these days, I have decided to look more at the moon and stars and hold onto the promise of the sun rising tomorrow—and marvel. Until this pandemic is behind us, in order to stand together we must stand 6 feet apart and masked. In doing so, however, We must never disengage each other Togetherness makes us strong . Thanks for sharing. Stay safe. Stay well.
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