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Early morning, the promise of a new day
Dull and grey, till sun comes out to play
Changing emotions, as warmth spreads
Confirmation of outcome, not rain you dread

Every day as we wait, to learn what's in store
Clothes we must favour, walking out the door
Affecting plans, how to spend our time
Defining the outcome, when weather is fine

So on odd occasions, when caught in the rain
Aware of rain water, swirling down the drain
Without a care in the world, you can smile
Walking carefree, a few steps or a mile

Be thankful, attitude plays its special part
Accepting nature's choices, with open heart
Knowing that everything, has a good reason
Regenerating life, the real reason for seasons
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 24

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Comments (2)

Rain is as essential as sun, our lives depend on both! I like your poem very much! wine
sunset 76....thank you for reading my poem and leaving your comment which was appreciated.....Kathy NZdancing
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