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1. Worldwide Crooked Church Heads Make Crooked Beds!
I knew a male gentile pastor who had a wife & kids
& had a girlfriend & kids from her in the same church.

2. Solomon had 700-Royal Wives, 300-concubines,
that is a 1000-women.
I'm just voting for one,
that's the Old Torah we don't live in those days any more.
Players love sin 2 have their fun.
1 Kings 11:3

3. I remember walking in 2 this church,
I had sat down 2 listen 2 this American male church head.
He said, "what U are in your heart
will be heard & shown 2 her in your bed!"

4. The number one Life style in America:
A lot of Men their favorite piece of American Pie:
For hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of years,
Men have treasured living their double-standard life style.
They're two men in one just like Jekyll and Hyde.
Both a dark side and a light side.
We cannot serve two masters Matthew 6:24

5. The Jekyll and Hyde,
when Jekyll turns off Hyde turns on,
Hyde turns off Jekyll turns on.
Psalms shows and tells on a man
that has a double heart
that exposes his double living standard
life style that comes from his heart.
Psalms 12:1-2

6. The first class of men are good, they're Docile Dolphins:
Matthew 7:14

7. The second class of men are evil they're Sharks.
Matthew 7:13

8. The first class of men in small sentence-6
They're more concerned about you not yours.
All your money and your property will never
out weigh her to him, he will always be about her
just like Joseph was to Mary. Proverbs 31:10

9. The second class of men in small sentence-7
They're more concerned yours not you.
All your money and your property will always
out weigh you to him, he will never seek a genuine relationship
like that of Joseph and Mary. John 10:10

10. Man that is born of a woman is of a few days
& full of trouble! Job 14:1. Men all over the world
have gone out of their way 2 make a mess
out of God's Church in past accounts!

11. Once Again: Here's proof found in scripture that men 4 hundreds
& hundreds of years have been living a double-standard
double life style all in the same one man.
Before a man can show & tell his double life style,
It starts at the seat of his emotions his heart. Psalms 12:1-2.(KJV)

Below they have archives that start at March 2002
& they end at August 2020.

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Posted: Oct 26

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