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Fever means the head burns hot.
A healthy body have you not.
From where does come this bad dis-ease?
From trying hard ego to please.

When ego’s role you focus on
You fail to see it’s all a con—
A false belief that you reside
In a form you can divide.

You are not the form at all.
It’s spirit’s name who you does call.
“Acknowledge me,” this voice does cry.
“My presence please do not deny.”

There’s only love, not separate lives.
In spite of how the ego strives
To make you think you stand apart
Instead of all joined by the heart.

When separation you believe,
All cells inside you do deceive.
And in this way you do create
A most unpleasant inner state.

The end result is often ills
That lead you to resort to pills
When illness could have been prevented
If from deception you repented.

See now your oneness with all things
And feel the peace that seeing brings.
Give love to self and to your brother
For, in fact, there is no other.

All are reflections of the Source.
Through all veins God’s love does course.
So keep this always close at mind
And far more harmony you’ll find.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 30

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