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My Secret Garden

The place where I go to feel at peace when the whole world is in chaos.
I found that place as I was wandering through the woods one day.
The path was getting denser and denser
Then it lead me to an underground cave which I was curious to explore.
I felt guided to follow a stream going deeper into the earth
And I had to lie down in the water and let it carry me to the belly of the earth.
I could feel the pebbles pressing on my back, the rich moist soil and the stones embedded in the dirt.
And the refreshing water passing through me washing away any weariness, concerns, and other energies that needed shedding
Until I washed up onto the shores of a green lush garden
With a meadow, a spring, a forest, and a big boulder where
I could sit and listen to the songbirds.
Then the animals and the creatures of the earth came closer and spoke to me
And I could also speak to the rivers and trees.
There I spent some time connecting with nature using all my senses and feeling in my element.
Then, when the journey was over, I slowly began to retrace my steps back up to the surface of the earth.
This place is the non-ordinary world,
where everything is just as it should be.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 1
About this poem:
My special place to escape this "reality", in another dimension, or parallel world.

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Dan_777online today!
I meant to add...

This is not a place in the physical reality, but somewhere I can only go to through deep meditation...
Usually done in theta waves...
Sending only my etheric, or astral body, there.
Very nicely written D. wave

Must say the interpretation is too Deep for my Simple little brain though. laugh thumbs up bouquet
Dan_777online today!
Don't worry...just go to that garden and your brain can be as big as you want it to be. comfort

The animals will even talk to you. head banger cheering
Dan_777online today!
Btw..why did you capitalize "Deep"? wink
To emphasise the Depth of your work.
laugh thumbs up peace comfort
Nice to have a place like that, beautiful poem, thank you for sharing!wave comfort
Dan_777online today!
And thanks to you lady Yaspar.

You could go to that place too..or another one..just by visualisation.wave
Dan_777online today!
I've been there quite a few times lately...
Just to rest...and escape this world...
And also to find answers.
La_Femme_en_Bleuonline today!
I thought this was a literal place, it sounds so beautiful and captivating. What an enchanting garden you wrote, Dan! I love it! heart wingsteddybear
I meditate, too but my happiest place is when I joyfully fall into God's arms, abandon my worry, and just rest in Him. happy placeangel2
Dan_777online today!
No, this is not a physical place, but one where I journey for healing purposes...for my patients, and also for myself to find answers in a non reality world.

But...I do also have a "sacred" magic place near where I the country side away from people, and there's also a cave with water.
When singing I can hear the echoes.

Thanks Madame.bouquet
Mizzy4online today!
Nicely written poem Dan_777,

Its nice to have somewhere safe to visit and escape cruel reality.

Regards Mick.

Dan_777online today!
Hi Mick. Thanks.

Do you mean the physical place? or the one I go to when meditating?

You can also go to such place - or similar. You just need to visualize and go into silence. teddybear
A cave with water ..thats real ?
My happy place is music
And reading a fantasy novel
Thanks for sharinghandshake o
Dan_777online today!
Hi Morgen wave

Yes, the cave with an underground water pool and stream is REAL!
It's surrounded by rocks and stalagmites and stalagtites.
And there's an echo all around.
Divers go there but some drown.

As for the music...yes, it is also my escape.
I can listen for hours...and also play the piano when I'm inspired and escape this world...for a while.smitten
Happychatty1online today!
Great poem Dan_777
I really enjoyed reading it . You took us on a little journey whilst sharing the powerful therapeutic benefit that meditation can bring. Thanks for sharing it. wave cheering
Dan_777online today!
Thanks HC. You can also go to such a place - or another one of your choice where you're feeling at peace.

You don't always need to go through the whole process of meditation but, with practise, you can go directly to your "secret place'" with only a few deep conscious breathing.

For me, I've always used this place for therapeutic purposes, which is the non-ordinary world and gives you access to your subconscious.

To access the super conscious, we need to go up into a tree.
Sounds so very Native American almost.......
Dan_777online today!
Yes, you're right.wink

It was in fact shown to me during my shamanic training with Andean masters.

That is the way of a non-ordinary world to the subconscious.
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