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Whispers In The Wind

Horses have always been, for me, fascinating animals
whom I can relate to because they are free spirits.

Stories have been written about their amazing strength
and beauty.
Paintings have captured horses running wild and free in herds.

Horses, mostly stallions, have been used for traveling
long distances.
Farmers have plowed fields with strong old mares.
Native Indians have used stallions, riding them bareback
into battlefields.
Horses have also been used for racing and other beneficial gains.

Some people have used them for breeding purposes
and also sent them to the slaughterhouse
when no longer needed.
I have myself ridden horses since I was a kid,
until one told me to take a hike a few years ago,
and threw me off landing on my back.

Horses have always been used and abused in one way or another
and their spirit broken.
But, in recent years, they have also been used,
apart from riding, for therapeutic purposes.

Some are kept in very small enclosures all day long,
ignoring their herd instincts, and not seeing their pain and frustration
because of their lack of freedom.

Does anybody ever take time to listen and hear their story,
their trauma and their whispers in the wind?

Luckily, there are some kind-hearted people
who volunteer their time in helping those wonderful creatures,
caring for them, healing their wounds,
physical, emotional and spiritual
and playing music to comfort them...
And I was one of them.

Has anybody ever heard their cry, looking deep into their soul
and seen their unshed tears?

I gave them back what was taken from them...
Love.. and Freedom.
And they also helped me with my own personal wounds.
This was a mutual arrangement that we had made long ago.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 4
About this poem:
This was from my own personal experience, working as a volunteer with the horses, and caring for them, and also part of a children´s book that I wrote in order to raise money for their care.

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Comments (5)

yasparkonline today!
This is a beautiful tribute Daniela, thank you for your poem wave
Dan_777online today!
Thanks Yaspark.
Animals have always inspired me, and horses in particular, as they are very magistic and misunderstood, and many people fail to appreciate them as they spirits.

kind of boring
You captured their spirit well, in those words...
Dan_777online today!
Thanks Stef.
I did try my best..
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