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this dress

In the middle of a meadow
Where grass & flowers freely grow
Where I catch my glow
Adorned in this long flowing dress that flows
Dances with the breeze
Collecting energies with these friends of me
Birds & bees
Collectively coming together like a congress
In tuned to this tune n the flow of this dress
As it circulates
Agitates like marinates
This energy
You see
See how it flows so free
Without effort or care
The only care is to share
This care
The fare
The price
To have this nice life
Before you speak always think twice
Try to be nice
When the dice
And the cards unfold
Your truth is told n so I own it
Loving every breath of it
The blessed and the shit
Gimme gimme gimme
Live n direct I write my story
To you from me
This dress
Collecting colours as she flows
Showering rainbows as she goes
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 4

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Still making beautiful poetry, one day I will buy a book of poetry and the author will be you
Hope your good smitten
godsprincessonline today!
Beautiful poem of a beautiful warm day. Thanks for sharing.

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