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For some looking way down in
Seeing evil lurking deep
Tempting the soul to sin
Knowing what will reap

Others showing kindness
Unconditional acceptance and love
Eyes shining with brightness
A reflection from God above

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Posted: Nov 5
About this poem:
Directly looking into other's eyes I can tell what kind of person they are.

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Indeed, best to wear sunglasses cool :)
Kathy ~ I'm sure if you look closely into the eyes of anyone that you know ~ you will see nothing but purity & virtue ~ goodness &

Well ~ maybe

Beautiful write as usual.
Madyteddybear angel
If you look deeply into the eyes of someone you don't know you will see little molecules of discomfort.
godsprincessonline today!
Oceanrest - laugh rolling on the floor laughing
salamunaonline today!
Hi Kathy..i do it too..i read the people s souls through their eyes..hope you are doing well..take care. Lilykiss
godsprincessonline today!
Thank you Mady! Stirring up trouble are you - huh? laugh rolling on the floor laughing

Kathy grin
kinds of boring
yasparkonline today!
Kathy - get to protect ourselves from that evil lurking deep, good we have kindness to counter that, thanks for your poem, stay safe! handshake
NOSTRUSonline today!
I cant make eye contact so where does that leave me .....on the spectrum I think . Even so I can see clearly when people are fake or deluded or in denial usually .I dont believe in being cruel either. Theres some very vicious types on here who don't want to enlighten others but want to lash out cruelly . If youve nothing good to say yes it really best to say nothing ,kindness really costs nothing unless climbing down off your superior stance costs a few seconds out of your day .stay positive lifes a challenge for us all and its not always about wealth status intellect though they all figure strongly . teddybear
Prometheus1online today!
One would think it's kind of hard to look into the soul of a person within the eyes of another when they sit 1000 miles away or across the ocean. To consider the painted faces here, we only see that which many choose to let be seen. Without taking time to communicate on a personal basis because so many are busy being too selective of who they choose to correspond with, its hard to see the soul and heart of a person. There's a face we choose to show online and a face we show behind closed doors between the sheets. Many preach about unconditional acceptance and love but, they set a criteria the quality of person they are looking for written in their profiles. They also set geographical limits that shows they are unwilling to step out of their comfort zone. With so many who write very eloquent and their poems can often impress Keats or Browning if they could act upon their thoughts and dreams and beauty, imagine how many people could find love here or everywhere!
godsprincessonline today!
Hi Lily - the eyes DO tell everything and we are reading more and more eyes with our masks on right now! No false smiles!!! Thanks for commenting.

godsprincessonline today!
Nostrus - thank you for stopping by and commenting. Yes - the good old motherly advice: "If you can't find something nice to say - don't say anything at all". Eyes are not the only way to read the soul - body language contributes a lot. But for me - it is the eyes. The eyes don't lie!!

Kathy cool
We have a high school project out along the road I travel back from work. It has the planets and their distances from each other. It would take about seven months to get to Mars, and about 5 and half years to get to Jupiter.transport reindeer
roseonthewateronline today!
Hi Kathy, hope you are doing great! I will also let you know your poems are amazing!As you know today would have been my brother Jim's 70th birthday! I'm sure he is looking down from his castle in heaven watching over his maidens!
In Memory Of My Brother

A gentle man small in
With a giving heart and
good nature,
And artistic talents to
be your gifts,
Plus a great sense of humor I will never forget,
Uplifting our spirits to
ease our cares,
Through the fun times we've had,
And the pain that was not
You've pondered and read
the philosophy of man,
To satisfy the curiosity
But only to discard their
vanity and reasoning,
You will ultimately find
lifes true meaning,
So sincerely the scriptures
you did search,
Only to find the one true
And to you my brother was given,
A world of insight, knowledge and wisdom,
A blessing from the Lord
in heaven,
so in these verses I hope
you found,
To always build on solid
And as your sister you
can hear,
I'm glad to have a brother so dear

So Lovelykiss
DK1001online today!
Hello gods-princess. Looking into the eyes is a beautiful thing but do not pre-empt the soul. Too many complexities to revel in a singular or peculiar revelation ????????????.

Nothing is asked but your foundation of interpretation and then who knows haha|

roseonthewateronline today!
Sorry on the poem I dedicated To My Brother Jim, I forgot to add his screen name, it was Cafetwo2010. I know he is in the loving arms of our dear Lord.

12-6-1950 - 9-17-17
godsprincessonline today!
Seeing evil lurking deep right today in my country. So sad. Praying to God for a more peaceful leadership transition.

Kathy sigh sad flower
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