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America's Got Talent!

1. We black people hundreds of years ago
were captured & forcibly brought 2 America
2 do slave labor 4 people,
that were 2 lazy 2 do their own work!
I was never raised racist thank God almighty
I'm still free & clear from that Demonia!

2. Martin Luther King Jr. said:
"A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste."
How is it that black people that were once
foreign 2 America,
U mean 2 tell me U didn't know
the real meaning of what waste is all about,
when it comes 2 the human mind?

3. I've seen thugs, bums, peasants, us homeless people,
most of these people have had a USA education,
a lot of them choose 2 garbage can their education
wasting their minds on what not.
Then a lot of these same people have said horrible
things about foreigners that come 2 the USA,
they get an education learning anywhere from
5 to 7 career trades.

4. Why would a lot of U lazy Americans get mad
at a foreign-people accusing them of taking our jobs,
when they refuse 2 be lazy but U a lot of U American's
have created a new career called,
giving all your intimate hugs
2 your own lazy bugs.

5. I've heard 2 many American's accusing foreign people
taking our jobs from us,
U lying American male devils!
U men set the standard
& the women mirror just about anything
U make-up!
If the men start protesting with signs
sooner or later the women will be by your side
2 mirror U.
It's ok U American's can lay around
refusing 2 make something out of yourselves,
U remain silent.
As soon as U see a foreigner make something
out of himself or herself
your emotions scream just like a new born babies scream!
No wonder why so many foreign governments
have Americans on their target list.

6. My grandmother had taught me many years ago:
If U have God U have everything.
If U don't have God U have nothing!

7. A church girl Darci Lynn Farmer
went forward with the talent
that God had ordained in her before
she was born.
With an American education
gave her the skill how 2 communicate
& reason with her mom & dad.
Having church going parents
were most loving & understanding
2 her said needs.
As young as she was she won the America's
got talent show. (Matthew 25:14-30)

8. 2 those that have one talent or a few talents if U do what
you're suppose 2 do with it
the Savior will increase giving u more talents.
I have no-pity on those that have had an education
& U know what your God given talent is
but U choose 2 sit on your lazy-butt
doing nothing with it!
When God gets tired of U doing what U want
then many years down your road in life God
will do what he wants with U.
You will end up in a place he will forcibly put U in
4 your hell-bent rebellion doing nothing with what
he gave u 2 do with! Matt 25:30

9. Winners won't sit on their butt doing nothing
they refused 2 waste their mind in doing the great nothing!
They put their education 2 work 4 them.

10. Easy losers in time can learn 2 change.
It's the genuine losers that make losing
their favorite sport, they are the ones that refuse 2 be influenced by winners
because they accuse their talk being full of poison 2 them.
They're always talking about that there is no way 2 win
no matter how hard U try!
There's that crowd that had made Stupidity
a career many years ago to.

11. Genuine losers will always give-up
and Genuine winners will never give-up.
Believe it or Not you also have Genuine losers
in the working world to.
I've noticed a long time ago,
no good advice can come from a loser,
if they think they found a convert
they will try 2 convert U
2 be just like them.
Stay on the winners side of the fence!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 12

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