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Driving Miss Daisy......

It’s a black black night
Reflectors everywhere
To keep my path right
No moon and only two stars
Holding tight
It’s a black black night

It’s a black black night
Cane fires burning
Ironically is an amazing sight
Headlights beaming
Bitumen steaming
It’s a black black night

It’s a black black night
Radio’s dead
There’s music in my head
I can hear the words said
It’s hours to my bed
It’s a black black night

It’s a black black night
Peering eyes from roadside
White lines can not hide
Every noise multiplied
Eyes open wide
It’s a black black night

It’s a black black night
Driving miss daisy
Feeling kinda hazy
Don’t want to be lazy
I think I’m going crazy
It’s a black black night ........
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 12
About this poem:
Unusually black night driving back from a job ......

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Comments (7)

godsprincessonline today!
Glad you got home safe and those eyes shining from the side of the road didn't run in front of you!! Take care driving - stay safe. Great poem - was right there with you in the creepy darkness! wow uh oh

Kathy teddybear
salamunaonline today!
Hi Nu. loved your poem. True-"Every noise is multiplied " in a "black black night"
Thank you for sharing. Stay safe. Re. Lily wave
Nuwahri61online today!
Thanks ladies ........ appreciate you stopping by ......Regards Nu grin
I've never seen the movie, but I did see a parody where the driver climbs in the back and says "I'll drive ya Miss Daisy."motorcycle
Nuwahri61online today!
Hey MC ....... This wasn’t about the movie .... just about my truck I call miss daisy .....thanks bud ....regards Nu grin
southmiami4321online now!
I can feel how spooky it is to drive in the dark...I drove once from Southmiami to a small town in Ohio and ended up driving into a snow storm scary when those two-wheelers would pass me..but hopefully made it!
Glad you made it that night..never drive feeling tired or sleepy. Nice poem to expose my friend SM
Nuwahri61online today!
Hi SM ...... yeah there was definitely some eerie ness about that’s for sure ......... thanks for your thoughts ......Regards Nu
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