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sea of keels

heaven knows
and heaven tries
unpick the wrongs you've done
unpick the lies

cos you don't know
how it feels
trudging through a day
in a sea of Atlantic keels

if I had an aeroplane
if I had things
Id fly to the Arctic
just to cool my wings

I'd go to your house
just for the day
and I build me hammock
in your hair and sway..

If I had an aeroplane

well heaven knows
and heaven lies
there's an undiscovered
shade of brown
in your Hazel eyes

but you don't know
how that goes
how the earth.. changes pitch
when it feels your toes

If I had an aeroplane
if I had wings
Id fly past every weaknesses
to a place of Kings

I'd fly down to Mexico
just to surf the truth
and my board would be the promises
that I made in youth

but my boat is older
and my dreams ain't new
so I dive in the bitter swell
and I dream of you
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 13

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Comments (4)

Nuwahri61online today!
Mate your writing is just going next level ...... regards Nu thumbs up
Cheers Nu,

Stay well Mate

trurorobonline today!
Really good NU, great read
salamunaonline today!
Hi Ru,
loved it a lot. I completely agree with NU. your writing has long been on a next level. stay well.
Lily wave
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