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One arvo ........

It’s low tide
And a light northeaster
Cools down the last of the day
The evening hues begin to reveal themselves
Reflecting off the wet sand and down onto the tiny surf
And although the sun had left the beach
It still shines bright on the majestic island just a kilometre or so offshore
Highlighting the green of the scrub
The yellow of sand coloured rock
And the chocolate brown of the surrounding tidal rocks
This sitting in a sea of light blue is astounding
The northern harbour wall is split evenly in two with the dark brown of tidal mark and the silvery grey of the armour rock
Puffs of random apricot clouds drift listlessly
As the dropping sun paints the opposite ends of the earth and amazing lilac and grey
What artist can reach from one end of earth to the other
A young child wearing but her skin frolics in the sand resisting her mother’s calls
As a lone tinny makes his way back to the harbour
As the nesting plovers ward off the presence of a hawk lingering
And so the afternoon ends ......
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Dec 2020
About this poem:
Been finding hard to express myself lately ....... l have been trying just to write freely as I see it

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Comments (8)

Really light, descriptive and summery... Enjoyed reading it, cheers
southmiami4321online today!
This is a beautiful poem Nuwah. Just as a painter guides his brush seeing the sunset your sight captures its beauty with your writing. Enjoyed this. SM
Hi Sunset ...... Thanks for your thoughts ..... much appreciated .....regards Nu grin
Hi SM ......... very kind words to say the least .... thank you ....:::Regards Nu grin
Hi, nuwarhi61,
...hues begin to reveal of the scrub...yellow of sand colored rock...chocolate brown...tidal a sea of light blue.... Thanks for painting your 'one afternoon' in this lovely poem that revels in beauty to ward off the presence of a hawk lingering.
Hi Joy ....... Thanks for the comments ...... I am not sure how this posted as I was editing the end and fell asleep and awoke the next morning already delivered go figure ????? Such is life ha ha ......Regards Nu grin
Mizzy4online today!
Excellent descriptive write Nu,
A poet with a keen eye for detail.
Really great to see some original members still posting...The corner has lost the 'Family Feel' it once had.
Regards Mick.

Hi Mick ....... Thanks for the kind words mate .... good to see you back on the corner ........ Regards Nu
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