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Very silly poem, number 1

There once was a girl from Glamorgan

Who went on a site to find more men,

But when she got there

They had nasal hair,

So now she's a lesbian mormon.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 2010

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Comments (11)

sounds a bit extreme, but...
Perhaps she had a severe aversion to such a perversion.
Hey! Caroljoyce! You're not supposed to be funnier than me on here!!! rolling on the floor laughing Jac xxx
I dont care who you are..Thats funny...drinking
Thankyou madtat29, I'm relieved I'm not laughing at my own jokes on my own - I feel much more sane now, tee hee hee. Jac xxx
And whats wrong with laughing at your own jokes?,,,what?,,,
Classic, optimisticme, classic, (mostly because I know you laughed at that one) Jac xxx
Enjoyed all your silly poems jac, here's a silly one back,
There was a young girl from Kendu
Who found she had nothing to do
So she sat on the stairs
Counting pubic hairs
Ten thousand , four hundred and two.

I have some classier poems up, feel free to have a read. hug
There once was a girl from Glamorgan,
Who played with her s*xual Organ
She joined with CS
But found it a mess
So plays solo and looks like a gorgon.
I hope I dont offend. just being sill too.
that's a funny poem, I wonder are mormon lesbians any different
than Catholics or Baptists? Boy, will I ever take a licking over that !
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by jac379 (3 Poems)
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