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Come into my little world
Do not scared of what senses can invoke,
Circle is waiting to be filled
So walk in and try not to wiggle with effects of frightened choke.

Give me your shaking hands
Together we will count to five,
If you lose control over the fear Do not run
'Cause you surely are going to stay alive.

I am just like you
And you are my reflection in the air,
This foolish game may turn into scream
So stay close and try not to watch upstair.

Voices come from the invited place
And wraith whispers without visible mark,
Now we both are terryfing to death
And convicted to finish what we started
Veiled with the shroulds of the widespread dark.

Hush, hush,be still
We will count again but this time to four,
When we run out of the room
Game is going to be eternally over
And I never shall return for more....
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Dec 8
About this poem:
Sequence from my childhood stayed unlocked in some drawer in my head. Ghost calling was one of the games too. And we all got so scared all of the sudden due to strange atmosphere and unexplainble noices in the darkened room.
Childish games really can become scarry ones. Foolish but true. And dangerous at the same time. Especially to curious,sensitive children's psyche.

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