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Hundred year old horse

He must have been about a hundred
well we reckoned he was, me and Jim-Bob
when we seen him there
standing in the swishing grass
'neath the snow-caps
all wintered in
so we up and ask him, whats up old fella?
but he just stands there staring
staring like a hundred year old horse would
when faced with fools in a field
but we never known it
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Dec 14
About this poem:
start of a novel if I had the energy

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Comments (3)

southmiami4321online today!
Oceancest, you just made the first step .....keep going....sometimes one chapter comes after the other. The novel is a long journey but if you enjoy poetry this is something you can challenge yourself with. Good luck SMwave
I have a friend who has a cousin who almost made the Olympics many years ago in horse dancing. Her father sent her to a special school that teaches it.dancing
theleoqueen78online today!
Love the poem! And love Aries men too heart beating
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