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dumb poem (and getting dumber)

'I'll just have to do the best I can'
she answered, 'I don't think you'll have a problem'
then added, 'did you take your meds?'
'as a matter of fact, I did. do you think that matters?'
'you take your meds'
'so...determination is determined by medicinal induction?'
'you heard what I said'
'yes, but I think you mean that it could be to my detriment
not to dedicate to medicate,
and shall I not continue dedication to my medication,
I might become all wild and hairy or something like that?'
she curtly answered 'I'd leave should that come about,
I'd give no reasons, I wouldn't shout
I would just...leave'
so there it is...boys and girls
should you ever wind up with someone that can stand you..
well enough for the two of you to live together...
heavily medicate yourselves, at all times...
or face the risk of medicating alone..
and we all know how painful that can be
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 2010
About this poem:
these are mere sentences (and poetic license) slapped together from conversation by the family at the time I was sitting here (wifey and son and bedtime and take your meds and me questioning what she would do, should son and I not take our meds)....and now that I've written then read all this crap...I've come to realize that "this is awful!"

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Comments (6)

OMG! a poem on love for another shown by the insistence that party of the second part (notice where you fit in the scheme of things hedi) should, nay must, take his meds....dedicate to would she leave if you became wild, or hairy?...or is it an "and" proposition? Pretty deep hedi...pretty deep.
very funny goodguy, and how sweet it is of you to point out and MAGNIFY my slot in the peckin' order. hmm...s'pose the word order is in order...BUT THAT DON'T MEAN I LIKE IT!!
Hmm,,,what can I say,, take the meds,,,just look at me
and see,,,,,I forgot!,,,,aint how you want to be!
What an interesting concept, ending up with someone who can stand you, thanks, Hedi. As for wild and hairy, it seems to be infectious.
I'm glad you shared this with us, it was absolutely hilarious and what price can one put on humour?
lol...nice!laugh laugh laugh laugh laugh laugh laugh laugh laugh laugh laugh
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