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Not quite a poem..

I am sorry this is not a poem,
though, I could make it one, I suppose..
The thing is, since I lost my husband,
I've not really, felt able to compose.
What I would like to ask, if someone should happen to know,
Is how to go about getting a book of my poetry published here..
To leave for my kids, and grandkids, when my Good Lord calls me home?~
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Dec 26
About this poem:
I am sorry, I've even forgot how to use the forums on this site... so if anyone knows, i would appreciate the help.I have loved and missed this, my poetry home, and all of my old friends here, as well as the new poets God bless, and keep on writing! You are all great!


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Hi QuietStormF,

Heartfelt condolences on your sad losses . I can understand why your writing muse is on hold. I always feel that there is healing in poetry and especially in visits to this C/S corner. There could be some great lines in there just waiting to be penned.
In relation to your publishing query I'm probably not the best person to answer your questions. Its good that all poems remain on the site for perusal. My own intention some day is to copy some of my poetry from the site, print it off and transfer it to a manual....maybe one with a nice leather cover. This could be kept safe as a memoir for future generations to read if they ever felt the need.
I wish you well on whatever you decide to do, and don't be a stranger. Reach out anytime.

Kind regards, Mick.

Hi QuietStormF......I may beable to help, and tried to send a pm but was unable to. Need to check exactly where you are located, but have a friend who deals with the states and has all the answers you need....I will leave my profile up so you can pm me if you want......Kathy NZ.
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