2020 vision

It takes a virus
To screw the world
A 2020 vision
Of how the year rolled

We became aware
Of the Covid
Spreading through air
On the waves of scare
And had to adapt
To new routines
Such as lockdowns
And quarantines
The fever of fear
Has fogged our mind
It was going crazy
From feeling confined
Not to mention
The daunting task
Of wearing a mask with style
To hide
That happy contagious smile

Things may get better
One day
Pay some attention
To what news have to say
Fresh out of trials
Vaccine is on its way
So get ready
To roll up your sleeves
Or when in doubt
Stock up
On supplements and vitamins

No matter what the trend
We’ve got our circle of
Virtual friends
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Dec 2020
About this poem:
Happy New 2021 dear poets!

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Comments (10)

Yankee4youonline today!
How true this is.......hiding what is perhaps humanity's greatest virtue....our smiles...... wave
loved it a lot Yanka..see you soon hug
Mizzy4online now!
Perfectly sums up 2020.
Well written.

Regards Mick.

Hi, yaspark,
No matter what the trend
We’ve got our circle of
Virtual friends

May the hindsight that 2020 provides guide us into the new year with wisdom and a Healthy, Happy New Year 2021!
Good to hear from you Chris! Let’s believe that contagious smiles are coming back in 2021! Have a great and healthy New Year!wave
It’s just a number but it feels good to move away from the year 2020. See you soon Lilly!handshake
Thank you gnj4u - in the hindsight the year 2020 helped us slow down and pay attention to things we did not care to notice before. Quite a valuable lesson to learn and put into practice. Have a great New 2021! wave
Good to hear from you Mick, happy New Year 2021 to you!wave
trurorobonline today!
good look at the year, glad its over
Rob x
Hardly anybody would shed a tear for 2020 although hopefully we have learned some valuable lessons from it. As always, appreciate what you have to say Rob.handshake
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