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Image reflects on the blur glass
And confirms its existence
Despite the indiscernible face,
Truth is hidden behind the tallest walls
Encompassed with undamaged innocence and
Fragileness smooth as the finest, sumptuous lace.

Many seasons have passed
And gardens do not bloom and scent anymore,
Colours started to vanish rapidly
And irreversibility commenced to knock on one still existing door.

Face on the window saw its appearance
When the sun withdrew crumbs of inner mist that soul certainly will never be able to sale,
Eyes see what words cannot express
Familar, well known someone veiled with many nuances of that gentle pale...
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 21
About this poem:
Pale is a word very close to myself.
To some features and attributes visible in and on the fort of my living.

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Comments (2)

Mizzy4online today!
Strongly worded poem AutumnChild,

Hopefully the writing will have a cathartic effect on those deep inner feelings.

Regards Mick.

AutumnChildonline now!
Thanks, Mick, on these words.
Writing was and still is my super power among the living.
And words are the most flawless marbles in this head of mine.

I am sending you many winter's regards from distant Serbia! handshake bouquet
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