Alexander Aaron

Alexander Aaron
Such EXpression !!!
Rare "X" Factor Vision >

1-One HOT Vulcan
She!s Number 1-One !
I Want Some !
Hummmmmm ...

With Her BIG Weapons
And My Cannon >
? Who Me c*m
EXplosion Of Semen ?

I Beg Your Pardon !
Remember Timin' Son =
I'm Not Done
Just Startin'
Not With My Strong Tongue ~>
And I?m Not Vegan
Just Sayin'

Yummmmmm ...
I Love Her Delicatessen !
Now She!s Squirmin'
With Heart-Beats A-Racin'
Now Who?s Your Captain ?

Puttin' Her On Top ^
Those Massive Mango Melons ( - )( - )
All-The-While Rockin' Her Brick Oven >

And At The Last Second
Slip-Down > My-Thumb
Onto > Her > Button
Together We c*m = >
Fun, Fun = FUN >
We!ll Be In Heaven ^

WOWWW > Artillery >
In This Here
Poetry !!!

Okay, Welcome Brethren
This Is The Lesson =
I Recon' !
Poet's Corner Is Now Open
For Your Suggestions
And Opinions !!!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 2021
About this poem:
Such Savage Imagination

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annoying rhyming scheme... otherwise original
Dear Oceanzest

Thank you for your comments.

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