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Writing vs Listening

Words are the raw material of our craft writing
But listening to others is far away from the path
We try to write what we want to say
How to express it , image it, so you
Can clearly see and affect you
Talking to others is quite different
Sometimes we hear with no interest
Can be surprising what conversations
You would encounter just being friendly
What, Why, When, How, Where, Who
Formulating the question in the sentence
Giving it your imagination, observation
Is an extreme experience to unfold
In a conversation we have to touch
In the physical sense the person
Showing that we care
Our urges of writing each word
To convey interest to the reader
Tackles us as one comes after the other
Empathize with the other person
"Talking to you makes a difference"
We mold our thoughts after each coma
Blending our attitude, talent and discipline
Sometimes the other person needs you
Just saying " Your thoughts are important"
Is a good way to communicate.
Being a good listener or writer
Has its eventual challenges
Not here to compete, nonetheless
Lets get one thing clear, shall we??
Recognizing good ideas to share
When they show up is my point
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Feb 4

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Comments (2)

Mizzy4online today!
Well said SM,

It's more difficult to portray feelings in script as it doesn't contain facial expressions...hence the birth of emojis.
Theres nothing like a good natter face to face.

Regards Mick.

Thank you Mizzy, for your comment, much appreciated. SMwave
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