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Faith and Trust

When words that sink too deeply
Into our hearts like a knife
Our feelings discarded so cheaply
The true meaning of this life

When times that last too briefly
And so colorful is the rose
Are taken away as thiefly
Such beauty lost and goes

When life becomes too weary
Into dusk the day will grow
Sleepless as night is dreary
Despite all the stars that glow

When dreams become too scary
And darkness becomes old
One cannot become too wary
Until all the lies are told

When trust can save us really
So great a need in strife
Is something given so freely
For those who honor life

When faith renews so freshly
Just like the turning tide
Is all needed so specially
So smiles no longer hide
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Feb 7
About this poem:
Sometimes the darkest, most dreary moments in life can be ushered away with one smile.

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Truly! One sweet gesture can ease sorrow. Such beautiful words, Yankee4you angel heart wings rose
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