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Waiting an contemplating............

There’s an old bench seat
In a quiet city street
I like to sit on
Now and then
It exudes a quiet charm
No cause for alarm
And comforts me
Like and old friend
I can sit here and reflect
Understand and respect
What life has been
To those who surround
Plan my next move
Get into the groove
Or just wait
To see what will astound........
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Feb 24
About this poem:
Hmmm ........

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Comments (14)

trurorobonline today!
Old seats are for pondering NU, nicely painted picture, i could picture the bench
Mizzy4online today!
Sounds idyllic Nu,
Nicely written,

Regards Mick.

That they are Rob ........ Thanks for the thoughts mate .... Regards Nu grin
Thanks Mick ....... It’s not in the best position but it does have that feel about it ....... Regards Nu grin
When I was off of work I used to sit and watch cars go by and count how many went by each minute.good luck
Hey MC’s a bit slower here mate especially the time I go and sit ....... thanks for stopping by ...... Regards Nu grin
Hi, Nuwahri61,
I can sit here and reflect
Understand and respect

We all can use such an old friend. Thanks for sharing yours.
Thanks Joy ........ I find peace easy to attain if I am comfortable ........ regards Nu grin
Hi Nuwahri61.
Really enjoyed this poem, nothing like a old bench to contemplate life ;) thumbs up
Good places to deposit farts....cheers
Hi Lacey or should I say Lady ........ it’s been awhile ...... thanks for your thoughts ..... regards Nu grin
Hi Sunset ........ That it is ........ regards Nu laugh
salamunaonline today!
Hi Nu. enjoyed your idyllic picture. great way to find some peace in our crazy world. Gr. Lily wave
Hi Lily ..... Thanks for your thoughts ..... Regards Nu grin
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