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Hard'ack Spring

The melting snow still glistens
The mountains kissed with sun
Calls of nature and I still listen
Walkin’ muddy paths still fun

Searching heavily in disguise
Patterns of fields and snow
Are very similar to the skies
Where clouds and sunlight go

Land and water stained by time
Awaiting a brand new start
A willing sun starts to climb
My glad awakening heart

The smelly first signs of spring
Smoky fires from a sugar shack
A fresh new cycle life does bring
Walking through the Hard’ack
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Feb 26
About this poem:
Rituals of the New England woods.......

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Comments (7)

godsprincessonline today!
Loving the signs of Spring headed our way. Thanks for sharing!!

Great read, you had me in first two lines.....
The melting snow still glistens
The mountains kissed with sun

I am so excited that Spring is on its way !

applause banana
Hey Yankee ............ You paint an awesome picture with your words mate ........ Regards Nu:grin
Hi Yankee wave
Good to see you're still writing here, as always a lovely write :)
Mizzy4online today!
Very descriptive nature write Yankee,
Nicely written.

Regards Mick.

Nicely written Chris, i see a lovely picture. Lily wave
nice poem i enjoyed ty
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