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Stand and fight.

Time to stand and fight.

Remember the God’s of your fathers,
They spoke to your heart and through dreams,
When men walked the Earth with confidence,
With spear and with shield as their means.

When women were happy as mothers and wives,
All the people lived closer together,
In times of good harvest and also in strife,
They were there for each other.

A great evil came to our people,
Too eager and willing to trust,
A new God and a new system,
To follow, the Kings said we must.

From that time on we grew weaker,
Bound by the chains of the religion of Rome,
Threatened by eternal damnation,
All for nothing that we’d ever done.

Enslaved from the very beginning,
Our minds no longer our own,
Controlled by the ruling classes,
All roads lead back to Rome.

It’s not just our people in danger,
The whole world had fallen asleep,
Open your mind just listen,
the ancient voices still speak,

Throw off the chains of oppression,
Turn off that box in your home,
Remove the muzzle of the slave,
It’s time to stand and take up the spear and shield.

By Mel Beasley
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Feb 27
About this poem:
The poem is about how man has been enslaved through religion and the ruling classes and how it's now time to listen to our ancestral God's and fight against the current tyranny.

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I voted for Jo Jorgensen as I see the two party system here pretty much one party, selling it's soul for greed and power over people.daydream joy
"Religion is the opiate of the masses" (So said Karl Marx); Luckily, I was never addicted (it seems to be more addictive than the real thing). People stoned out of their minds on bullshit (religion).....

Good on you for being "old school" (The current generation is too generic, for my liking)...professor
Religion is the Venereal Disease of Mankind

- Henry De Montherlant
Indeed Kings and the JuJu man, nice little con they've had going. applause
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