To Find What's Left

To write more verse, before the Impulse dies,
To find a way to live out what life's left,
And let my mind free in the bluest skies,
Before I gasp and take my final breath;-
To find that heart where we are best allies,
Before the Reaper's sickle means sure death;
So when it's finally over - this life's game;-
I shoot my soul into the sky as Spirit Flame.*

To tell of what has happened - best I can,
To remember fleeting beauty when she came;
And tell of every girl to whom I ran;
(Even though I can't recall each name);
Well most I can, (when I was a younger man);-
And in my kismet, I will feel no shame;
Well, where's the shame in a person's destiny?
When we should live out what was meant to be.

And so I'll entertain with more vignettes,
To keep all poems honest -(like before);
One more time, I'll say this: "there are no regrets";-
Many's the women, and many were the whore;
With whom I've slept - (that is aiding and abets);
I've been to strange places, been through many a door;-
I count my self lucky, to now survive;-
So I'll write myself dry - while I'm alive.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 2021
About this poem:
* I'm not religious, in the least (hardly). I merely feel the Energy must dissipate somewhere when we "die".

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Comments (2)

southmiami4321online today!
LCBR , many of us here can relate to your words and living those steps. Somehow reading your poem the song " Did it my way " came to my mind. Many don't believe in an after life but I do as a Christian. Have lived so many transformations of people's lives through their faith. We are part of matter as you say and our bodies will dissipate its energy elsewhere. Very nice poem LCBR to reflex on. Thanks for sharing.teddybear SM
lovecanberealonline now!
Thanks for the comment, southmiami. Good to see you again..........
(I tinkered around with the final stanza, so now reads much better)...

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