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One day ..........,

While you were sleeping
I spied you there
Like a shadow in the night
Who would care
My thoughts were with you
What dreams did you seek
Or was warmth and food
The words you’d speak
Maybe a conversation
Would lift you up
Time shared
A priceless cup
Just a thought
From a passer by
How lonely do you get
Before you cry.........
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 3
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Comments (8)

salamunaonline today!
Hi Nu. Priceless thoughts,. ..i wish i could help them all, saw a lot in Paris...i really could not stop crying...but you ve made a great write ..thank you..Regards, Lilywave
Hi Nuwahri
Deep felt write.. I too wiped a few tears reading this, reminded me of a few years back when I helped in an advocacy role one young woman who had lost everything.. found her on the steps of a local church crying.. I gave her a hug and listened...then made a few phone calls & we took her case on.
Bonnie now has a home and the correct support she needs :) but sadly the funding for our support team has been stopped by our government (Cuts) and charitable donations (due to lockdown here) and we are now closed down :( yet more & more are being made homeless..

Thank you for highlighting the plight of so many our there who are homeless.. "Blessed Be" always..hug
Hi Lily ...... Thanks for your thoughts ...... regards Nu grin
Hi Lacey :........ ‘the rich get richer the poor get the picture......( Midnight Oil ) thanks for stopping by regards Nu :grin
Mizzy4online today!
Poems like this need to be written more often Nu, We live in a world that's very unevenly divided.

Regards Mick.

Thanks Mick .......Appreciate your thoughts mate ...... Regards Nu grin
Starkly dreadful made more clearly by Covid 19
Its an excuse to cut their (unwanted) 3xpenditure
Even in singapore home owners some 100,000 gave them back to the Govt body .
Mine got rental reduced ...
Thanks 4 sharing
Have to agree bud ...... the last 12 months has accelerated this problem for sure . More so in the big cities ........ Take care bud stay well
Regards Nu grin
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