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Traffic Jam .......

Sitting on the corner
Watching the poems go by
Brings memories of times
When the traffic was so high
You’d post in the morning
And by night you would return
To search for your write
And comments to learn
But alas your words were gone
Down the avenue
And the poems had built up
The queue very long .........
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 18
About this poem:
Good to see the traffic on the corner moving along albeit a little slow but steadily ticking over ......

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Oceanzestonline today!
Interesting thing is Nu, is that I'm on and I never get more than about 60 -100 reads supposedly on the biggest and busiest poetry site on the planet. Every poem gets posted for all to read so its not just selected followers reading. Here you can achieve the same if not more which is truly amazing.
Mind you on AllPoetry there is a new poem about every 10 seconds :)
Sweet memories. We all made together cheers
salamunaonline today!
Hi Nu. Right words.. I can see by the number of views of our best poets from time ago. how high the traffic was..a lot of the bests left us or stopped s so pitty...Hope you are doing well and go on writing. Regards, Lily

Mizzy4online today!
Hi Nu,

The corner is ever changing....but I think it makes things interesting. The important thing is that it provides a platform for expression.
Keep writing.

Regards Mick.

Hi Nu wave
I also remember how quickly our poems used to go down the queue, though times have changed, it is always good to read enjoy other's poems and support/encourage each other.. something that wont change hopefully
Thanks for sharing..
wave angel
Hi Oceanzest ...... Maybe that’s why .... because they are turning them over very quickly......... I think it’s great to see ...... thanks for the thoughts Regards Nu grin
Hi Abbey ...... They were very good times and it’s good to see it moving that way again ...... Thanks for stopping by ....Regards Nu grin
Hi Lily .......People come and go all the time some for short stints others for longer and then new faces put there words in ........ I am just happy to see it ticking over regularly ......thanks for your thoughts regards Nu grin
Hi Mick ...... My thoughts exactly mate ........ regards Nu grin
Hi Lacey ....... Totally agree....... it’s always a pleasure that’s for sure ......regards Nu grin
Hi Nu, nice to watch the poems go by and to read yours.wave
Thanks Yas ……. Much appreciated …… regards Nu grin
southmiami4321online today!
Pleasure always reading your write Nuwah even if stuck in a traffic jam...SM
Thanks SM ……… Much appreciated …..regards Nu grin
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