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Yellow House

This is a telling about actual events
Discovered but never revealed and excavated with even one bone,
Something froze deep within a long time ago
And innocent heart became black and more hardened than a real, unbreakable stone.

Perpetrators kidnapped unarmed populace
And found proper places for profitable aims on started monstruos destinations,
They stole vital organs from maimed,mutilated bodies,
And dug them into holes at several Albanian detected and familiar locations.

Srebrenica is popular even now
After more than two decades of fratricidal Yugoslavian wars,
The truth is totally inverted in compare to what she truly is,
So,ethnic cleansing of Serbs was cause of the same hideous conflicts
But the others took credits for misdeeds that hang unpunished on their protected doors.

Lies,denial,wicked games
Continued to lasts after dismemberment of Yugoslavian land,
American bombing of Serbia and Kosovo war became severe accidents,
With trafficking of Serbian organs
Comitted by Albanian,criminal band.

If I were someone in this world
I would choose to be proud wolfess with no possibility to become corrupted,miserable louse,
Remrants of rotten bodies would be properly, solemn buried
With the truth about what all happened in unforgotten case of slaughtering in still very existing yellow house....
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 19
About this poem:
Assume that Serbs will be always be presented as villains in the eyes of the world.
But the truth is apparent and distinguished in the sights of intelligible minds.
So transparent that even clever child can fathom summary of what has happened once upon a time in now non-exitent Yugoslavian region.
File by name "Yellow House" did not find its day light.
But, Albanian mass graves were found.
They are martyrs.
Just like so many buried bodies in Srebrenica where also lie so many Serbian, missing persons.
And the numbers of dead Bosnian Muslims become increased time after time.
Even when they exist as found persons.
How tricky is that?
With no certainty and detailed investigation about who actually is buried in Srebrenica mass grave.
There are so many questions for those who are released for crimes against humanity.
Serbian commanders will spend rest ot their lives in prison in Hague for all of them as well.
Only Serbian ones.
There are no place for Bosnian, Croatian, Albanian general-murderers.
Serbs are guilty.
That is the final verdict.
So unfair.
So humiliated.
So predictable.
Rest in peace all tortured souls during the wars in Yugoslavia, in Kosovo.
Yellow house was slaughter place for killing of Serbs and Roma by Albanian criminal army in 1999. With leading Albanian politician who is also released from Hague.
Lack of evidence.
They said.
Even with the fact that truth is being disclosed.
He was involved in transplantation of human organs and trafficking beyond the borders of Serbia. In killing of Serbian civils.
In expelling from their own ground.
History is repeating.
Just like with oppression of Serbs from Bosnia and Croatia.
I am deeply repulsed by cruelty and unutterable injustice of this uhumane world.
With the wounds of my own caused by horrendous mind.
Rest in peace all of you.
Guilty even when you are dead.
If you are Serb especially.

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Comments (8)

Dear AutumnChild..
Your poem tore at my heart while reading and your narrative on the truth of those atrocities, still kept hidden hug
"I would choose to be proud wolfess with no possibility to become corrupted, miserable louse"
Thank you..
hug bouquet
AutumnChildonline today!
Dear Lacey,
my intention was so pure and honest.
To say essential facts about tragic events that happened to people during the past horrific wars in ex-Yugoslavian region.
As a child who was born in that same ruined country I needed to express my deliberation about agony and affliction.
The easiest thing is to ignore sceneries of sole havoc.
I cannot neglect stories just like that.
Yugoslavia was not perfect, I know that from this perspective. But I also know this fact too.
That I was the happiest then in that vanished, obliterated, erased land.
As a child who did not spend youth there.
It takes courage to say certain things aloud.
To merge your pain with the anguish of the others.
Presume that all depends on who we truly are as beings.
Thank you on your words and empathy for written tragic concept.

handshake bouquet angel purple heart
Mizzy4online today!
The horrors contained in this poem are unimaginable AutumnChild,
Ugly dark powers against humanity.
As always a narrative documented with honesty, respect and writing skill.

Regards Mick.

godsprincessonline today!
The citizens of the world's countries unfortunately are caught in the cross hairs of all those who wish to control and annihilate certain populace. My heart goes out to all the innocents caught in these cross hairs. Thank you for bringing to light some of the past injustices done.

Kathy sad flower
AutumnChildonline today!
Dear Mick,
rebel within me never sleeps.
And that inner voice has so many words to share.
To say.
To expose and unveil with honesty and the deepest sense for justice.
As you said, depict with writing skills as well.
Tragedies of ex-Yugoslavian region cannot be described.
There were bloodsheds so henious that human psyche cannot stand.

Thank you on attention and consecutive comments.
From the heart.

AutumnChildonline today!
Dear Kathy,

thank you on your perception of my last poem.
Justice does not exist.
Even when you want to mend and fix broken pieces into one whole you are from the start convicted on constant failure.
Words need to find relief.
Their outside places from cavities of my soul.
Writing is one sort of escapism, shield from dark reality.
Protection and shelter for those who think profounder and feel too much.

Kindest regards! handshake
salamunaonline today!
Hi Autumnchild. I did read a lot before about all these horrors .. my brain simply refused to accept te information ... yes the " powers that be" are usually not interested in the suffering of both individual people and entire nations .. it was, it is, but I really want to believe that it is will not be in the future..Regards,Lily wave
AutumnChildonline today!
Dear Lily,
situation here will always be unstable and the same.
You simply never know what can start all over again as some familiar cycle of consistent repetition.
Mentality is troublesome.
It needs one super powerful cleaning from many seeds of ingrained cruelty.
But, that final awakening will never happen.

Plenty of regards!
wave handshake
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