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T. T. Syndrome

Thoughts reel their strings
With fragments that will never banish my head,
Some coverages are so inexplicably real
With mysterious plots that eventially ravel intricate cluster of composite thread.

A woman is the center of future gruesome events
Victim at first with polluted womb and its wicked madness,
Group of few people became captives in Belgrade's Turkish bath
Imprisoned by the main figure
And so dark strength of her
later unhinged sadness.

Leitmotif spins about commited infanticide
And mentioned woman never got over murder of own child thrown in the toilet shell,
Consequence of rape made her do such a terrible thing
With berserk aftermaths that continued with their creepy, underground yell.

One of a prisoner was a few months pregnant
And she realized what happens in the background of twisted story,
Long ago thrown baby became greedy apparition of pure evilness
With constant hunger for flesh
That made movie even more gory.

Diseased with mentioned presented syndrome
Are associated with estrangement,psycho-neurosis, headache and social seclusion,
They often ware gloves for more isolated reason
And live disturbed in dimension of half-real tormented delusion.

In the end, young woman found
a way to escape from eerie sewer full of unresolved events and unspeakable fright,
She stood beside the wall
at Kalemegdan's fort
While infanticide-murderer traced her
In that horrifying,deadly night.

Woman survived frantic killer strangled by a beggar who knew all the time what happened and what lies in the filthy waters beneath the earth,
New born baby potentially diseased with the germs of the syndrome never lived
'Cause a young mother threw her
Into some other shell,
amid apparent dirt.

This is not a movie for every watcher
And many find it disturbing,violent
especially with the scenes of purposeful butcher and throwing a new life into shell,
T. T. syndrome has metaphorical meaning and wider conception
With another term of the same malady-
Syndrome of the angels that just fell...
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 21
About this poem:
Syndrome of falling angels is an insufficiently examined illness.
In the movie it is a metaphor for deeper examination of numerous angles of complex human psyche.
Of seclusion from own being.
Timber-Tonov syndrome was found by two European doctors in 1931.
It is very unfamiliar in the view of the world.
That means that movie is certainly based on reasonable facts that stay unknown to earthly population.
Movie "T. T. Syndrome" by Serbian director Dejan Zecevic is the first slasher-psychological horror ever made in Serbian cinematography.
I find it extremely interesting because of the unique and allegorical plot.
Movie is unavailable for watching on every platform that I recently visited.
Content is obviously understood only by peculiarly incisive and inclined observers of reality.

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Comments (4)

Mizzy4online today!
Timber-Tonov sounds like a very scary and horrible syndrome to be afflicted with. I didn't know of its existence and to be honest I would prefer not to watch the movie. Despite the gruesome nature of such syndrome its good to make people aware of its existence.

This piece is well written and documents the associated horror within the film.

Regards Mick.

AutumnChildonline today!
Dear Mick,
I watched this movie in late nocturnal hours in 2002.
The same year when movie saw its day light and was released.
Honestly, I was amazed,shocked,completely focused on the screen.
On the plot with immense psychological structure even with those bloody scenes.
Theme occupied my mind.
Still does.
Even low budget, movie left specific trace within my reflective inwardeness.
Infanticides may happen due to consequences of this syndrome.
In certain cases.
But, possibility is out there.
Like so many undisclosed mysterious things that investigator in me longs to resolve.
Thank you on writing.
Like many times before.

handshake wave
Dear AutumnChild..
Like Mick, I had no idea of this film you tribute to T. T Syndrome in your well written poem..
I did however look it up for further information before I could comment, yes very dark and not sure I could watch if available. Though I can understand some enjoying the artistry behind the making.
Thank you for sharing and your descriptive thoughts on your poem.. bouquet
AutumnChildonline today!
Dear British poetic friend,

I think that I did good job with this writing.
I checked over and over again just to be sure that I encircled fundamental truth which lies behind the curtain of terror.
Even with the present segments of fatigue that sometimes obstruct my wit,skills, faculties as well,superfluous amount of words will always find many ways to be written.
Like some invisible torrent within that flows mighty despite severity that surrounds its existence.
Thank you on attention endlessly.

Your poet's friend from distant Serbia!
wave teddybear handshake
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