The Heathen

Oh the joys of being a Heathen,
To be free of religious Brethren.

To see things as they really are,
And to not see God in ev'ry star.

The Cosmos is vast (that is true);-
But religion makes the mind askew.

So it is this: (I humbly ask);-
Please see things as they are.

Do away with Wishful Thinking,
Which makes you stupid (like you're drinking).

Kick that Opiate; Religious Smack;
Kick it down to Hell and back!

Kick that Habit - Religious Smack;
Get that Monkey off your back!

There's probably Life (apart from us);
As we sit on our Speck of Dust.

There's likely Life (apart from you);
So respect this - as I do.

To lift the Veil, to see things clear,
Is all I ask - in this life so dear.

You will have a new capacity,
To see the truth, in its veracity.

And aliens likely have their God,
For me, I'd rather have a dog!

What makes you think God cares for thee;-
On this Earth - with all its cruelty?

For me, I think there's Nothing There;
There's just a Void - not even air.

And so I do not fear Oblivion;-
It would be nice to have no worries then.

Oblivion, then, does have no worry;-
So why then, to the Bible scurry?

If Aliens have Gods, they're not the same;
As our Earth one - hence end of game.

Is there one God, or maybe two?
Or even several - is this true?

How can there be only one True God?
I think it's all a load of schmod.

There's a possibility of Reincarnation;-
Another life's encore/ovation.

If this is true, then there's Karma;-
So don't do a thing to ever harm her.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 2021
About this poem:
* I have disabled comments for this poem, because I don't want to start a Shit Fight, in the PC (that would be most unseemly); anyway, the blogs are for that, lol...

** I don't really mind what anyone here believes - I'm just expressing a point of view.

*** I love you all, here, in the Poet's Corner, (regardless of what you believe)...

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