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Even in the best of times
Not much goes unnoticed
Except perhaps what will come
Reminds us where we’re rooted
As children we all will grow
No attempt to the unknown
I’m into family and success
As far as the seed is thrown
What suites you I wish you best
Whatever you want to recover
We are the best and damn the rest
To a future we hope rediscover
Our next of kin shall begin
Our moment of discovery
When peaceful demonstrations
Don't fade away and away
Or lead us astray in any way
From all we call contenders
We reach up with a hand that’s fast
For freedom that lasts and lasts
What we are fighting for
I rest my case and still adore
A country named..... America
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 3
About this poem:
Freedom is always the toughest path, but a journey well travelled.

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Comments (4)

Hi Yankee & thankyou for sharing this write.. Freedom is precious no matter where one lives!
Peaceful demonstrations here in UK are about to be curtailed by a new bill soon to be passed here in UK!
This will give the powers that be, to outlaw any peaceful demo..
Yankee4youonline today!
I can't even imagine the reasons why such a law could ever be passed in a truly democratic country such as Great Britain. After what happened at the U.S. capital back in January, I understand the reasoning for such measures to limit gatherings, but there's no excuse for any freely elected representative government to control our freedom for the sake of security. It's a little like "the fox being put uncharge of building a better hen house" isn't it? confused
Yankee4youonline today!
in charge.....
southmiami4321online today!
Good reasoned poem Yankee. Freedom is not have to fight for it ( not through violence) and stand up for for beliefs, education, human rights etc. Hope all who believe in it, be out spoken not silent. SM boxing
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