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To Clap Or Not To Clap

To clap or not to clap
That is the question
Whether it is nobler to clap only when there is a great performance
And give the slings and arrows of absolute silence
Or to yell out insults of ridicule
To die on stage
To sleep no more
And by to say we end our future performances
So there will be no heartache from a thousand natural shocks
The crowds seems more into consumption of their sandwiches
Their beer swilling
Now there's the rub
But I still have a dream
To perform a performance that will give them hope
Make them dream
May there be all bad performances forgotten
And all good ones remembered forever
And that the clapping and good will
Will be mine
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 16
About this poem:
Got a lot of claps last week for The Ghetto by Elvis, got no claps last night for Burning Down the House by Talking Heads.

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Comments (3)

Karaoke McRadloff?
My best is Easy by Lionel Richie.
Like to hear you doing The Ghetto
Liked the parody of Hamlet
Hi mcradloff.
Thought the same as OZ.. Karaoke?
Karaoke is not my thing.. simply can't sing! laugh But Dancing is! dancing
Enjoyed & thanks for sharing..
Keep singing Mac....don't be put off by begrudgers that won't clap.
Good parody.

Regards Mick.
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