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My Train Of Thought

Confused to the heights of elevation
Books read, bred and fed by revelations
Construed by the few lost in the making
Taking back the tracks of the forsaken

You hear your thoughts but speak your mind
Billigerent youth what more can you find
Its time to be what your fate led you to be
Come to your wits and mesmorize for free

My Train of thought on the tracks of life
Chugging along think I can fight the fight
Insighted and frightened to means of change
Blaming all others afraid to face the pain
Pride too high to see it in myself
Digging deep to seek for help

When the hills are tall think of the down side
If its worry you have its ok to cry
When fear consists never resist to free your mind in whole
When you feel the steal beneath those wheels you'll know right where to go

Derailed from life like a train to track
Its about that time to take a step back
To tame the beast in my inner soul
Not claim the streets to add to my hole

A caboose rides behind to ensure its alright
It adds that extra power to the stride
You better believe that engine is well supplied
Cause it wont stop runnin till its won the fight

Believe its time to seek whats sane
Add experience to life like a linking chain
My train of thought on the tracks of like
Chugged so long I survived the fight
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 2010

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you have an interesting phraseology.
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