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Station Earth

Part of being a human being
Time when you’re alone
When you ask those questions
Does the grass look greener
Just over the fence
The sun is shimmering in late afternoon
Such is life in early spring
Wait and work all day
Just to see what life brings
Is it just companionship
That you most desire and sing
The most greatest achievement
To come home and be the greatest
In the eyes of those most dependent
What tomorrow will bring who knows
We’re just winging it tonight
So happy to let go of all that sorrow
Was a bird I just heard
A male robin in spring
Very determined in his call
To attract some attribute he brings
Let alone for all to cry
Of the earliest predators alive
Wings off at the mercy of time
When the earthworms shall move
And escape the late spring snows
That anyone of us will ever know
But by the courage you’ve shown
In each new step you take
Please always remember to
Look over your shoulder
You might think you be so nimble
You might be a perfect fake
But what really only matters
Between you and I is faith
Keep looking over your shoulder
For what you and I forsake
Will either bring us together
Or forever seal our fate
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 4
About this poem:
Humanity deserves an equal applause when everyone gets tuned into the same station. Where you have freedom of expression on Station Earth

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Very sentimental and. Beautiful .
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