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Liquid Dimensional Frequency

Rip rending bending
Descending ascending
Uncomp n comprehending
Destructive forces amending n mending
Pour empty full cup to All sending
Unfriending befriending
No sight of a beginning or ending
Closed to open up n sing
Giving takin
Breaking making
Chaotic chaos pain stakin
From da roots shakin
Giratin vibratin deflatin elevatin
Flyin without wings!
The relevant relevance through to thoughts of thoughts n things of things
An unbroken circle like rings
An it rings
And it rings
Spoken words of pains n sufferings
It's always a blessed ting
A blessing
A blissing
A multidimensional string
On a guitar
From Pluto to Mars
Mars bars fat whips n cars
Supanovas n stars
Laa la laa la laaaaa
Potholes n hurdling
Curling twirling
Pull back n get hurled iN
Inhaling exhaling
Patiently prevailing
Like on a ship sailing
Rough n calm seas
Breathing positive influence
Comprehending magnificence
Understanding overstanding the science
The Love the violence
I AM that
Mystically magical
Spittin shots to ya heart lika fine art
Nursing I'm burstin lighting up ya chakras
Got ya Kundalini pacin n racin all up in ya structure
Call me a Divine doctor
Goin to work like surgery
Rewiring reconnecting up those memories
I been sent here to remove fear
And to make a way clear
To set those minds free like the air
All seeking n searching for materialistic things
Cash money gold rings n bling blings
Divine Love is what I bring
Spittin bars from Mars n all kinda stars as i sing
Deeper higher vibrating
The essence of ma presence intelligently interrogating
Pumped up never deflating
I won't jest I'm on a quest
To bring these elements into sequence
This energy potent n immense
Tearing down all barrier n fence
And now the blind see n yes they see sense
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 10

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