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When are we going to Mars?
I heard it once by Bush Jr. back around 2005
Then nothing more was done or said
Now we have a drone flying on Mars
Big deal
We had space craft on Mars way back in the 1970's
So when is a man going to Mars?
When is a woman going to Mars?
When will we be going to the moons of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto?
I am hoping with Elon Musk's help it will be soon
The cost of sending nine astronauts to Mars is 1.5 Trillion dollars
We spend a lot of money on other things that hurt people
Why can't we spend money on things that would bring people true hope
Like Casey Kasum used to say "Keep your feet on the ground and
Keep reaching for the stars."
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 14
About this poem:
One of my biggest disappointments is the lack of funding of space programs. The first man on the moon cost around three percent of the government's budget and ended in 1975. We are moving forward once again towards Mars, but still the political will is not there to put up some real cash towards this goal.

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Yeah I'm a kid of the 70's, I can just remember the moon landing mcradloff, NASA did a good job of selling us the programme even though I hear public opinion was not favourable in the majority, better to help the poor they said but we need great achievements to look back on, even poor kids liked astronaut stuff. Buzz Lightyear - to infinity and beyond!
Mizzy4online today!
I went to see the Kennedy Space Centre
while in America on holiday..
Very impressive .
I hope you see your dreams come true.

Regards Mick

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