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I'm less than a week away from getting my second shot
Then it's two weeks to get away from being hot
From these masks that make you breathe in your own carbon dioxide
It is not worth trying to hide
I will not miss these blue masks
I have enough to do to make up my tasks
Just sifting through the endless crap that people spew out
It makes me want to scream and shout
What about other things that should have my attention
Wasting my time on germ retention
There are real things to be enjoyed that I am missing
Like love and joy and lots of kissing
So I wait in anticipation
For this hoax brought on by our nation
What will they think up next?
To try to get people from having sex
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 21
About this poem:
We got the word that starting in June there will be no masks required at work if you have your covid shots and have two weeks after, then they put a sticker on your badge. Those who are afraid of the shots have to keep wearing those darn masks.

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southmiami4321online today!
Seems you will be sent free in June and live life...good for you!. Still, keep yourself safe. Nice post. SMapplause cheering heart wings
We have to only wear masks on public transport here, since I have a car it never happens but took a flight a week ago and yeah what a nuisance and that was only 2 hours, you've done well putting up with that 8 hours per day.
It's masks 24/7 in Ireland. They're compulsory everywhere....also 2mt social distancing. Can't wait for it all to end.


godsprincessonline today!
Had shot #1 on February 14th - Happy Valentines Day to me.
Had shot #2 on March 14th - Happy St. Patrick's Day 3 days later.

I worked at the County Health Dept. as the Child Health Secretary for about 10 years. I ordered vaccine - kept track of the temperature in the refrigerator - entered all immunization records in the Immunization tracking system. That was almost 20 years ago now. I retired early in 2002. So...I am familiar with vaccines and don't have a problem with it. It has been politicized so badly that it is disgusting. 1/2 the population is scared to death and the other so fired up by a politically selfish individual and Anti-vaxxers that it is ridiculous!

I'm glad you are getting vaccinated Mc - will pray for no high fever reaction. But remember - this is not the real COVID-19 virus in the vaccine - it is something developed to mimic it in order to build up antibodies in your system in case the real virus attacks you. Take care.

godsprincessonline today!
P.S. A friend of mine who also worked at the Health Dept. as the Communicable Disease nurse and was retired - contracted COVID-19 in January 2021 and died from it. She was a trained person in how to avoid communicable diseases but yet she caught it and died.

Anybody ever stop to think that whatever is in the Covid shot given to fight off this so called virus is actually a saline solution to compel voters to vote for the Democratic Socialist party agenda?

It's like putting on a condom offering a false sense of security yet, creates a psychological illusion that if you take the shots you wont get sick with the virus. If you dont take it you are rebellious and a Trump supporter.

Yet, what if by taking the shot it changes you to be more docile more conforming and those who dont are still out there protesting against the current regime?

People talk that this virus and vaccine is all about politics.
It conveniently shown up on Trump's watch and because how he handled things about it, the other party including China found a way to take away Trump's popularity by shutting him down to make him look bad only to place a doddering old fart only because they couldn't get their girl Hillary in.

My guess had Hillary won against Donny the first round this virus would have never shown up.

It all seems too coincidental. Especially when the media asks pointed questions to the big old guy about the Covid campaign and his and Hunter's relationship with China, Daddyo B gets all defensive and doesnt want to answer because people above him are afraid he will stutter out a comment that could damage the party.

The mask we have to wear is probably not to protect us from.each other but, the image of the current regime.

If wearing a mask could prevent most of us from acting like an a**hole or a jerk, how many would wear one offering an admission of their guilt of being a jerk?
Because we are still seeing much if not more rioting and protesting and blame over viral political correctness than we are seeing people getting along and moving on to stabilizing the world.

Just an observation maybe I'm wrong.

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