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In your shadow

I walk within your shadow
among the dark hidden hallow of your love

Blindly I walk through the night looking for your light
I cannot see anymore
I lost my sight

To you my beloved across the shimmering sea I am nothing but, a hardened cold memory

Too many years
of bitter tears
we have shed
within an empty bed

The cold silent air drifting within our winter's lair has become the only thing left we have to share

Though we may welcome the
warmth of our fire and lustful
They are but, distant dreams being washed away within
silver streams

It's been a grand journey and experience
as my mind and heart has been changed with your brilliance and radiance

Yet, today I come to embrace the darkness as I see your hand gently slip away

I am falling apart in disarray
there no more hands reaching to catch me as I watch my life pass like grains of sand through your hands

Though I played too many emotional games that drove you insane
I get what I deserve as justice

No more reason to complain
It's just a time to refrain
to let the healing begin
from the constant pain

One can only forgive just so much
there comes a time when one needs to put away the memories upon the hutch

It's time for new beginnings
and let the past slip away
to welcome a new day

A time for new loves and new thoughts to embrace and wipe away the tears from our face

In a uncertain world today there are many new possibilities
and responsibilities

To stand once again and spread our wings to allow hope be a new song we sing

Better days ahead and maybe better suited partners filling our beds.

Though it seems for some they may think their game is over
Its only a spring cleaning
of the old self when we shall stumble upon that 4 leaf clover

May the winds of change lift us to brighter horizons
I shall meet my beloved once again upon calmer seas and a comforting breeze.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 22
About this poem:
To one who knows

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Dan_777online today!
We are all creators of our own reality.

We can either make things happen or...
We can destroy them.sad flower
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