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Anima Mundi

Where are you going, world?
What happened to all beautiful gardens that were long ago someone's variegated shrines?
Did I miss point of events that continuously flaunt?
Or just became outsider who walks reticently on the brinks of solely thinniest lines?

Quo vadis,my soul?
Does tomorrow have chance to survive?
Answer still pending in the air
With the message unrevealed
and the words that tenaciously shove strenght to drift,
to firmly, unwavering strive.

Who am I after all?
What is my purpose amid fakers and miscellaneous swindles which are equal to crime?
I am strongly coveting for fervent,final escape
And for stolen years which were once brightly mine.

Words reverberate solemnly
And silences commence to stride during the entire tranquil day,
I discovered anima mundi within my convoluted spirit
Beneath the bloomed linden tree
At the end of one ordinary May...
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 24
About this poem:
Anima Mundi is a poem about deep psychological examination of own inner dimensions.
It is also a title of excellent novel by Susanna Tamaro.
One of my favourite piece of art based on intelligent features and prudent plot that depicts row pain of the main character.
Truly wonderful for my hyperintuitive anima and her compound varied coalesced pieces.

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Comments (2)

Another good write AutumnChild,

We must strive to stay on a solid path through life and never stop believing in ourselves and why we are here.
Enjoyed reading.

Regards Mick.

Dear Mick,
thank you on consistent following of my work.
I revere that sincerely.
Despite the all verges and obstacles on my way.
I hold myself tight to the littlest things that make life durable and prettier too.

Puno te pozdravljam iz jednog beznadnog mesta! wave handshake
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