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Buyao weijing

Buyao weijing I enunciated
or something very similar
had the flavour right I'm sure
which was precisely the point
the waitress grinned
Shi de
Shi de
no MSG please
useful if food additives
turn your Chinese dining experience
into stomach churn
seems a shame
much Oriental food
is plagued by it
Buyao weijing
Buyao weijing
I'll keep practicing
Xiexie ni
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 2
About this poem:
dining on Chinese

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Comments (2)

Mizzy4online today!
I dread MSG also,
You certainly travel for your food,
Do they not deliver ? grin
Educational Ocean.

Regards Mick.

thumbs up
Travel I wish Mick, 15% of New Zealanders are Asian, most seem to have a restaurant somewhere in the family, yeah like you I enjoy the temptation of a new culinary delight but have been worse for wear on many occasions, I've tried asking for no MSG but 50% haven't got a clue what you mean so have to learn it in Mandarin, improves the success rate :)
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